Let us worry about your IT so you can focus on your business.

Hello, my name is Ryan Lynch. I founded SecureComp Solutions in 2016 with the idea that business owners and organizational leaders shouldn't have to lose sleep over their current IT infrastructure. After spending 16 years in the restaurant industry, I realized that my passion for technology and project management could be combined to pursue a successful career in the IT industry. Six years of experience in IT project management, healthcare application support and a degree in IT and Management has paved the path to this realization.

Over the years, I have witnessed both superior and frightening IT situations, spanning across many industries.  Business owners, whose focus is on the success of their business, may overlook IT infrastructure and its importance to a well-run organization. IT infrastructure is very much like insurance. If business leadership does not perceive any liabilities ("If it isn't broke, don't fix it"), they may fail to recognize very real risks to their company. We take pride in bringing the relative risk to light for our clients. By completing our comprehensive IT assessment, we are able to produce an action plan that highlights these unknown risks and recommends ways to mitigate these risks in the future. 

SecureComp's success is based on a proven system that focuses on security, reliability and disaster recovery. By aggressively monitoring these areas, we can deliver consistent and secure solutions. Our budget friendly, monthly costs open up the possibilities of providing quality IT support without the cost of a full time resource.


So much of what we do depends on trust and reliability, which is why we take customer service so seriously. It is my hope that we can work together to create a long lasting relationship. I look forward to your business.

                                                                                         Ryan Lynch

                                                                                         Founder & CEO