Restaurant POS is the foundation for reporting, tracking and workflow optimization. With over 16 years experience in the industry we have a consultative approach to POS implementations. Contact us for a demo of our POS solution, Point of Success, and learn how it can help your business.

Restaurant POS

The marijuana industry is heavily regulated and requires the ability to track, report, connect with traceability interfaces and scan medical cards. Only a few solutions offer these key features, but only ours is designed for rapid transactions and workflow reliability. Contact us for a demo of CannaPOS and learn how we can put you in control of your business.

Dispensary POS

Menuvative, our unique digital menu platform, is changing the menu experience for both guests and restaurant owners. Managing paper menus is expensive and time consuming Call to schedule a demo to see how your restaurant can achieve a 10% - 15% increase in revenue.

Digital Menu Tablets

Depending on your budget, risk tolerance and type of business there are different needs. This is why SecureComp spends valuable time upfront to determine your best course of action to support longevity and success for your business.

Helping you find the right IT solutions.

1. Security

2. Reliability

3. Recovery

SecureComp was founded with the principles of delivering security, reliability and rapid recovery solutions to our clients. Our goal is to provide an optimal level of these core principles, customized for each organization's needs. Our consultative approach is designed to find the most effective balance that considers your budget, risk tolerance and industry type. This formula has a proven foundation of success. Let us help you minimize the unknown risks. Get your office assessment scheduled today and start taking control of your IT infrastructure!

Comprehensive Solutions for Restaurants, Dispensaries and Small Businesses